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Never deleting. Get This App! Love it. Insightful and exact! Love this app, look forward to reading my daily horoscope and my partners! This app is great. It always makes me think! I check daily! So true! I have never seen anything so true to life then this horoscope! USED to be the best. Been using this app for years. Then they added the awesome 'favorite' feature -- which saves your favorite horoscope that day if you choose to archive it. Now, you can't do any thing on that app without getting a pop-up that says something along the lines of "please upgrade to the pro version to use [this] feature.

Right on point. A excilent app for reading. Would highly recommend the use. Love this app!!! I love the options to go back and forth to see all zodiacs. And that it shows the Chinese yearly and what your tree is. I love this app. Very best app! I love This horoscope app. Not Accurate Anymore? So like Always pretty right on.. Seems to be pretty dead on for me.

Every once in a blue moon it maybe just a little off. This app is crazy accurate and on point. Best horoscope app by far. I just wish they had daily singles and couples horoscopes that would be fuego. Complete waste of time. No thanks. Terrible money grab!!

Save your time and energy! Best Horoscope app.

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Always exactly on target of what you may be going through, emotionally, mentally, and physically. No matter the time I read my daily Horoscope everyday or once in 4 months. I will relate and then it will give me small advise to overcome hard times, of heart break, disappointed, and very recently the untimely death of my one and only other half of my heart, and life partner.

The pain is unbearable, I'm wondering if I will ever be OK again. Lost, confused, direction less, and absolutely the worst heart break, I have or possibly will ever know in my life. I can simply finish with answering the unanswered questions of the recent issues in my life.

I was weary at first when I got this. It was just for a little bit of fun to see what generic thing I was supposed to be going through that day or week. But it has been extremely accurate since I got this app over a year ago. It might not be pinpointing the days that things happen but the week and month and even yearly horoscopes have all been on point. I got my star chart done on a separate cite and now I know all of my signs for the different planets and houses.

This app is literally just your sun sign and your Venus sign if you use the compatibility calculator. I totally recommend this and hope you have fun with it. Great Time Passer! I love this app! Other horoscope apps make you pay, but this one is free. Not only does it give you your horoscope, but other things such as compatibility.

I have really liked my time with this app. Sometimes I relate what has happened to me with my horoscope. Mind Blowing! I have turned many friends and family members into DH addicts lol and let me tell you I was a huge skeptic and have always been open minded and interested in astrology and the stars, planets, and universe.

Give it a week and you will be spreading the word about how crazy this app is! Very appreciative of the messages. An example of this was when I was offered an incredible position at a job that I previously worked for. A general manager called me to personally ask me if I wanted the position with great benefits and pay. Nonetheless I took time to dwell on it, opened the app to read my horoscope message for the day and surprisingly enough, it talked extensively of an opportunity that may seem too good to be true.

As mentioned above, I normally would be skeptical thinking that an app could correlate with day to day life.

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Sometimes in life we just need to be more reasonable with our consciousness and take advice wherever we can find it. Number one. The contact us button does not contact you. Tried at least 12 times.

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Number two when it offers to look at next week or next month, you see the current week or month. This has only been a flaw in the last six months or so. Note: I am using this app with the voiceover for accessibility since I am blind. Thank you for your consideration. Number five. You have to enter a nickname in order to send a message. Every nickname you put in result in this nickname is already taken, even random letters.

You obviously do not want to hear from anyone. Perhaps a Twitter message would be a better way to reach you? You can set reminders to remind yourself to check the horoscope and if you forget your zodiac sign, you can find out! You just enter your b-day and BAM! You have your zodiac. I am in love with this app. I love everything about it. It is enteresting and you can choose so many different settings and you can have fun with it. So if you are wondering weather or not to buy this app, I vote YES! Best horoscope app by Very Happy Organizer!

And if your on the boarder line of 2 different signs.. You will often find that the majority of both will often pertain to you. I pretty much check this app daily. Although I did recently discover there is "western" astrology which is what the majority of us use here in the U. Vedic is the original method created in India and Western was created by Babylon only about , yrs ago.

Western astrology uses the sun as the center of all constellations making quite a difference when it comes to your natal chart. Making western astrology about 22 days ahead. I definitely feel we should all reconsider our sun signs wince most of us are only checking that when using this app. You could be the sign before!! Although your sun sign is only a tiny portion of who you really are, it's definitely worth reading up on both sides and choosing what you feel is the best for your belief system. Much love!! Ok ok, this app is seriously awesome- I absolutely love horoscopes, and so this was so much fun to get.

The Chinese Year and Tree of Life were sweet touches too! Rooster and Ash Tree Is just like to thank you for all the hard work put into this, and another thank you for making it free with so many cool options! Thank you for the final time! I was just trying to find an easy app where I could read my daily horoscope.

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This app also has amazing features like a daily reminder which is so helpful! I set mine for a. You can change the background too! You can make a profile so all of the horoscopes are accustomed to you. I love this app so much! Best horoscope app by far! This app tells you exactly what you need to hear at the moment in your life. This is the best and most accurate horoscope app I have ever encountered. The great thing about this app is that it doesn't tell you what you WILL encounter like "you will be very sad today", but instead gives you advice on what you may encounter.

It shows you new perspectives to approaching daily life situations and truly enlightens you based on your astrological sign.

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It also has other great features like Chinese and Druid horoscopes and yearly horoscopes, which are all also very accurate. Highly recommend for anyone who seeks guidance or just fun based on horoscopes! This app has been accurate so many times. Also, the daily horoscopes have been accurate as well. I like how there are many options as far as what kind of information you want. My best friend and I have been invested in this app for a long time, and I think it would be cool to have this feature. Not sure if that is totally accurate. I am a Pisces and the power of suggestion can sometimes be like an smooth undercurrent or an undertow!

I also appreciate that my DH seems to be written by people who want you to know the deal-of-your-day in a kind way. Bummer about the subscription model now! If we all have to subscribe to every bloody app we have, regardless of the price, at some point we will be broke.

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We shall see how this all pans out I suppose, but I am bummed that one of my all time favorite apps has chosen to go this route. Almost amazing. Recently there was a silent fight between me and a friend.

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I hate all the ads. I like that it has the extra types of horoscopes as well. A fun added bonus is it lets you pick a different color scheme whenever you want and there are a bunch of beautiful colors to choose from. You can also choose to get notifications to remind you which is cool. I am a very intellectual being with an old soul. I am also an empath meaning I feel the emotions of everyone around me and I know why they hurt.

The point is this has been my top recommendation for the past 4 years at least. It's got so much more information than a daily horoscope. It's got your Druid sign, Chinese yearly animal, compatibility, and even yearly or weekly horoscopes that are almost always correct. One thing to keep in mind is that even though you're reading a specific days horoscope it doesn't mean it's only for that day.

Sometimes Tuesdays horoscope won't become relevant or make sense until Saturday's event. God is love and existence itself nothing more, nothing less. Nice app. Good job. I love Daily Horoscope. I have two horoscope apps on my phone and use them both every day. Daily Horoscope is usually right on the money or if off not too far off. I enjoy this app because it really helps me with some of the problems I have in life.

It also motivates me into a better year. The compatibility between two horoscopes also helps me change the way my relationship goes. And helps your day a lot better. My girlfriend and I had broken up and with it came a lot of problems. I tried getting over the whole situation but each time I would speak with someone I just felt worse, but then one day I downloaded this app.

Daily Horoscope has definitely pushed me to keep going, to keep growing and to listen while learning every little lesson the universe has thrown this way. It immediately prompts me to a better outlook on life. Thank you for always being on time! I have used this app for about 4 years and love it. I've downloaded many apps, but none are as smooth and easy to navigate as this app. Although I am sometimes skeptical about horoscopes in general and the vagueness of the wording, I still love to read my horoscope and see if it's relatable to my day or week.

I can't count the number of times I've gotten goosebumps after reading my horoscope through this app. I've even taken screenshots to send to my friends because my horoscope is exactly on point. Even if the horoscope isn't relatable to me, the advice and messages are inspiring. I highly recommend this app! Thank you!! Ive had this app for over 5 years, its the only horoscope app I use. The one thing that could improve is the compatibility section. This can ultimately give two different perspectives of the same situation.

Either way a horoscope cannot tell about your true compatibility or personality since people possess different characteristics of a horoscope. And to top it off, if I do click it immediately, I can only read it for one sign! However, I am too pleased with this app! In addition to the technical aspects of it the sleek app design, functionality, and appealing color scheme , the horoscopes given here are scarily accurate! They always are describing very specific events in my life and giving great advice as to how to go about these endeavors.

I just downloaded this app randomly a couple of months ago, not really expecting to use it very often. Little did I know it would become one of my favorite apps! Shocks me every time! But with this app, the horoscopes are crazy detailed and shockingly accurate. One of my favorite apps to use! I lurveeee this app!! Never not pleased!

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Daily Horoscope has been a solid and useful source for me for many years now! Completely satisfied w there services and product, so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little bit of insight into you or a partner, or for daily affirmation purposes. Thanks for all the info and guidance in this forever spinning and totally unpredictable roller coaster of a world we live in. This app has been a part of my daily routine for so long. Please contact your security professional for additional information. The best FREE virtual makeup app, period. More fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Want to try a bold new lip or funky hair color? Get the latest Red Carpet beauty looks? Peek backstage into Fashion Week? The makers behind the makeup magic: Perfect is built on leading imaging intelligence technology. Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The DailyHoroscope is a free horoscope application updated on a daily basis with the best daily horoscopes.

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